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No matter the distance, true love always finds a way. Express your deep affection this Christmas to your dear ones and strengthen your relationship, by presenting them with this special, customize to order, handmade ‘LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP’ Gift Bottle.

The gift bottle along with the airplane and the note is completely handmade, designed with extreme love and care. The handmade airplane wonderfully portrays the distance between loved ones. However, the handmade airplane is also a sign of hope. It reassures two people that even if they are far away from each other, they’ll always remain connected. The handmade note is designed graphically with beautiful italic fonts. The shimmer adds a lively sparkle to the handmade gift bottle

If you wish to tell on this Christmas Day how much you miss your significant others in a personalized message, the note can be customized as per your own requirement.

How To Customize:

It’s simple. Just reply to the order confirmation email with the message you want to display and leave the rest to us.

Why this is a Unique Gift:

  • 100% handmade with flawless presentation
  • The handmade gift bottle is unique in design and makes your loved ones feel valued in a delightful way
  • The handmade airplane will always be a reminder to your significant others that despite the distance, your relationship grew stronger over time.
  • Customize the note and send us your personalized message by replying the order confirmation email
  • There are multiple packaging options that you could choose from and every option binds the bottle with the touch of your fondness.