Owl in a Bottle

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Owl Special Flat 50% OFF (Limited Time) :heart:

Let’s make your special day more special and endearing with these 100% Handmade bottles. Each order is catered according to your wants and needs, and we invest our time and energy to make sure we deliver the best package.

The owl and the message inside the bottle are delicately Hand-Crafted. You can customize the note/message that comes inside the bottle as per your wish. We have added a little glitter in the bottle to make it even more Adorable and cute. Just being able to watch your loved ones’ faces light up with surprise and happiness make such present a warm, joyful experience.

Choose your packaging, and customize your message, or choose our message suggestions. Your loved ones will feel really special with this 100% handmade Owl in a Bottle gift.:purple_heart:


Product Features:

  • For Customized messages, just reply to the order confirmation email and send us your text (1-5 words)
  • These bottles are made to order, so you have the option to personalize them
  • You can also pick the packaging of the bottle as per your liking. See the dropdown for packaging options


    Product Specifications:

    • Bottle size: 2.5 x 0.8 inch