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Commend your father’s fantastic efforts in nurturing you and make this Father’s Day ultra special. Show your admiration with a sweet gesture by wishing them with this lovely customize to order, handmade “YOU’RE A PANDASTIC DAD” gift bottle.

The gift bottle and everything inside it is completely handmade. The handmade panda represents a father’s strength and peaceful nature. It is the perfect gift to pay tribute to your father and honor him for the countless things he has done for you. The purple shiny glitter all across the handmade bottle gives a cheerful and royal effect. You can customize the note as per your own requirement.

How To Customize:

It’s simple. Just reply to the order confirmation email with the message you want to display and leave the rest to us.

Product Features:

  • 100% handmade with a high-quality finish
  • The handmade gift bottle is unique in design and glorifies fathers in an amazing way
  • The handmade panda will always serve as a reminder to fathers of them being a remarkable dad
  • Customize the note and send us your personalized message by replying the order confirmation email
  • There are multiple packaging options that you could choose from and every option binds the bottle with the touch of your fondness.

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