"Pokeball Choose You Photo" Gift Bottle

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Gift your loved ones this adorable, customizable, & especially handmade "Pokeball Choose You Photo" Gift Bottle

This gift bottle is 100% handcrafted including the handmade and adorable Pokeball and a heartfelt  note. The handmade Pokéball sentimentally shows an everlasting bond of love. You can also customize the handmade note and add your personalized photo as per your own requirement. 

How To Customize?

  • Simply Write Down your custom text in the box. (21 characters,
    spaces included)
  • Select “Choose File” to upload your photo


  • 100% handcrafted with flawless craftsmanship
  • The handcrafted gift bottle is simply beautiful in design and expresses your admiration and how much your special ones mean to you
  • Now send us your customizable note and photo for your dear ones by replying to the order confirmation email
  • Different packaging options that you can choose from and every choice binds the bottle with the warmth of your love