Valentine’s day is approaching fast and if you are anyone like me, you will be hunting for some Valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend. You could send a greeting card as usual, but this year many people are opting for custom Valentine’s gifts that are unique, one-of-a-kind ways to show your love.


One of the best Valentine gift ideas is a cute, adorable, handmade gift bottle. They are customizable so you can make it the perfect Valentine gift for him or her. They are ideal to give as a beautiful gift for girlfriends or boyfriends and they make a fantastic gift for long distance relationships too. We all know that greeting cards get put in a drawer and ignored a few days after Valentine’s day, but a gift bottle is a delightful ornament that can be kept out all year! These great gifts for girlfriends or boyfriends make fantastic ornaments in the home, office or even on a car dashboard. Every day they will see the token of your love.

They are available in different designs each of which can be customized to make truly unique gifts for Valentine’s day. Here are some examples to give you some ideas.

1. "You Are My World" Personalized Gift 🌎

These are perfect couples long distance gifts. If you are far away from your loved one the hand painted globe can remind you both that no distance is too large when you are in love. You can customize the text of the message in the bottle to personalize it and make it totally unique.

In the past, lovers would write letters and put them into bottles before throwing them into the sea in the hope that they would get to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Nowadays it is much easier, but just as romantic! If you are far away from your loved one, this is one of the best Valentine gifts for her or him. Why send a greeting card when you can send a message in a bottle and show them that you love them?

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2. “I Choose You” Pokeball Gift Bottle 💝

Are you in love with someone? If so, this is a great gift for Valentine's day for him or her! If they are a Pokemon fan this will immediately bring a smile to their face and make them feel happy and loved every time when they see it. The pokeball is painted by hand and the message tag can be customized.

Old fashioned greeting cards might say “Roses are red, Violets are blue” but with this gift bottle you can say “Charmanders are red, Squirtles are blue”. Every couple’s love is unique, so make your Pokemon fan happy this Valentine’s day.

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3. "I Give You My Heart" Valentine Gift Bottle💕

What better way to show your girlfriend or boyfriend that you love them than to give them your heart? This gift bottle is one of the most adorable gifts for Valentine’s Day for her or him.

The heart is 100% handmade and inspires feelings of pure love. The message is customizable so you can add your own words to personalize it for your loved one. If you want to show your true love this year then this is a fantastic gift!

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4. "Hold The Key To My Heart" Gift Bottle 🔐

This one is really special. You can literally give your partner the key to your heart! Only true love can unlock the heart and this gift expresses your love for them. If you want to find a great gift for your boyfriend, this is one of the best ideas for him for Valentine's day. It is a fantastic way to inspire love in your partner.

Of course, it can be customize and is totally handmade. Choose the perfect words to make someone fall in love with you this February 14th.

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5. “You Stole My Heart” Gift Bottle 💑

If someone has stolen your heart, tell them this year with a beautiful gift bottle. They can keep this on display all year round to remind themselves that you are in love with them. This bottle contains a lock, key and a heart - all handmade!

If you want to show a woman that you love her then this is the best Valentine gift for her. If you want to win the heart of a man you know then you can send him this token which is much more meaningful than a greeting card. Use this adorable gift to tell your loved one that they have stolen your heart - but they can keep it.

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For men, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make a fuss of your girlfriend or wife. These Valentine gift ideas for her will help her to understand what words in a card can’t say. Show her you love her and give her a great unique gift.

It is also a great time of year for women to tell their men in their life how they feel. These make the perfect Valentine day gifts for boyfriends and husbands that will remind them how much you care.