"You Make My Heart" Gift Bottle

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Surprise your loved ones on this Valentine in a unique manner and appreciate their adorable presence in your life by gifting them this remarkable, customize to order, handmade “YOU MAKE MY HEART SING” Gift Bottle.

 The gift bottle is completely handcrafted including the music note and the heartfelt message on a card. The handmade music note express the heart beat in sentimental way. The music note depicts how your heart sings when you are with your loved ones. You can customize the handmade message on a card as per your own requirement and you can choose whatever music note you want from the 4 variations. The colorful handmade glitter signifies a refreshing outlook to the handmade gift bottle.

How To Customize:

It’s simple. Just reply to the order confirmation email with the personalized message on the card for your loved one that you want to display and leave the rest to us.


Product Features:


  • 100% handmade with flawless craftsmanship
  • The handmade gift bottle is wonderful in design and expresses your admiration & how much your special ones mean to you
  • The sentimental handmade note will always serve as a reminder to your special ones that they are regarded as the best of all
  • Customize the message on a card and send us your personalized message for your dear ones by replying to the order confirmation email
  • There are various music note options that you could choose from.
  • There are various packaging options that you could choose from and every choice binds the bottle with the warmth of your love.

Q: For which occasion it is suitable?

A: It is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is a gift for guitarists, musicians, and artists.
It can be a gift on valentine's day, Birthdays, weddings, Dates