"You Are My World" Personalized Gift

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This is purely a handmade gift bottle. The globe inside the bottle is hand-painted and it takes a whole day to dry. Each order has so much importance to us & we do our best to deliver it to you with lots of love and perfection.

It is a Perfect Gift for your loved one on any occasion.

How to Customize?

It's simple, just reply to the order confirmation email with the text you want to add and leave the rest to us.

 Why this is a Unique Gift:
❤ Adorable message in a bottle, Perfect gift for your special one. It Keeps your Special Memories in a cute gift bottle

❤ Ideal gift for your special one. Your loved one can put this cute gift bottle on the dashboard of his/her car, on the desk of the office, or on your shelf in your room

❤ These bottles can be customized and handmade to order. 

Q: How to get the name printed on the back page of the message card?

A: It's simple just place your order, you will receive the order confirmation email from us. Reply to the order confirmation email with your personalized note within 24 hours and we will take care of the rest. 

They are Handmade to order. We spend a lot of love and effort while making every order. The globe is painted by hand.