"Snorlax Pokeball" Gift Bottle

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Let your dear ones overlook their stressful, hectic routine and cherish the loveliest moments of your friendship by presenting them with this extraordinary, purely handmade, and customizableSnörlax Pokéball Gift Bottle”.

Our gift bottle is specially crafted with love including the adorable Snörlax, a Pokéball, and a heartfelt customizable note. The handmade Snörlax beautifully depicts its natural trait of overlooking its worries and never paying attention to its surroundings as it does in the animated series. Similarly, it reminds your loved ones to extract some time from their busy lifestyle to cherish the undying loving moments they spent with you. It sentimentally advises your loved ones not to worry about ups and downs in life and relish even the littlest delights. You can customize the handwritten message as per your requirement. The colorful glitter enhances the elegance of our handmade gift bottle.

How To Customize?

It’s very simple. Just reply to the order confirmation email with the personalized message for your loved one that you want to display and leave the rest to us. 


  • 100% handmade with premium expertise
  • The gift bottle is undoubtedly appealing in design and expresses your admiration towards your loved ones
  • The sleeping Snörlax softly advises your loved ones to relish the littlest joys of life
  • The sentimental handwritten note will always serve as a reminder to your loved ones about the loveliest moments of your friendship
  • Customize the message and send us your personalized note for your dear ones by replying to the order confirmation email
  • There are various packaging options that you can choose from with every choice, binding the bottle with the warmth of your love
  • An ideally memorable gift for avid Pokémon fans this Christmas.