I'm So Glad You Swipe Right Gift for Him

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This Valentine Gift your loved ones this cute, customizable and handmade “SWIPE YOU RIGHT” Gift Bottle to show your love bond with them.

This Gift Bottle depicts that you have an everlasting love relationship with your better half. The decision for choosing you as their loved one is a beautiful decision. The Gift Bottle is completely handcrafted including rose, glitters, and a heartfelt note. You can customize the handmade note and add your photo as per your own requirement.

How To Customize:

It’s simple. Just reply to the order confirmation email with the personalized note and the photo you want to display and leave the rest to us.

Product Features:


  • 100% handmade with flawless craftsmanship
  • The handmade gift bottle is wonderful in design and expresses your admiration & how much your special ones mean to you
  • Customize the note by sending us your personalized message and photo for your dear ones by replying the order confirmation email
  • There are various packaging options that you could choose from and every choice binds the bottle with the warmth of your love.


The processing time for these bottles is 1 week. This is because every product is handmade to order and we give special care to every individual customizable gift bottle.